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David's life is a combination of death-defying acts, great downfalls followed by great achievements, and followed by greater downfalls. This short biography hints at the experiences and emotions that brought him to this time to tell stories based upon what would appear to be a life not worth living.

He was born in Los Angeles at a time where racial integration was attempted while a type of de facto segragation existed. Black men were only fit for labor jobs such as garbage collectors. Policemen, teachers, utility workers, and even the liquors stores were predominantly employed or were owned by whites. While Matin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers fought for change in their own ways, the reality was a world of white that silently spoke volumes about the black experience which oppressed young impressionable black minds.

As a teen he was often on the ground spread-eagled, handcuffed, beaten, kicked and choked. The conspiracy theory that the CIA infiltrated crack cocaine into the black community became his real life experience. He was introduced by a self-serving young woman to the euphoria of this narcotic. After all the women, friends, and money was gone, it left him crawling on carpets seeking that last little crumb to place on the pipe in the hope of one last high to escape the nightmare his life had become. 

As an adult, he has climbed telephone poles like a lumberjack, squeezed into crawl spaces too tight to breathe, and driven a big-rig over thirty-five states until his team driver drove off the road at three o'clock in the morning. Throughtout all of this he held onto a dream to overcome and express himself in dramatic writing. He continually wrote while taking classes at UCLA and California State University at Northridge. One of his early scripts was optioned but not produced.

These varied perspectives, situations, and history allow David to write from a very unique position of  knowledge,  experience, and education. Only by the grace of God did he live through and overcome these adversities and challenges to create stories that instill hope, courage, empathy, and power.

Throughout all of this he endured to earn a  BA in Psychology, an MA in Pastoral Counseling,  and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in only the last six years. After hanging up the keys to his big rig, he renewed his education to hone his skills.

His life experiences and education qualify him to write on scores of subjects related to personal experiences complemented by formal education.

He currently writes a number of feature length scripts, short films, an episodic series, and an autobiography of his experiences called A Life Not Worth Living.

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